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Portable Hydraulic Tools

1” Impact Wrench Hydraulic

1” Impact Wrench Hydraulic (910088)

Powerful and Efficient. The 910088 Hydraulic 1" Impact Wrench uses an efficient hydraulic motor and heavy-duty dual impact mechanism to produce 2,800 ft-lbs of torque.

High Speed Rail Drill (910070)

Easy to use and rugged design makes this drill a cost effective solution to drilling clean, accurately positioned holes in rail sections for bonds and fishplates.

Hydraulic Tie Drill

Hydraulic Tie Drill (910157)

The Hydraulic Tie Drill features a telescopic drill bit guard with a built in depth stop, which leads to drilling holes quickly and efficiently.

Lag Driver

Lag Driver (910156)

The Hydraulic Lag Driver is a fast and economical way to screw and unscrew lag bolts. Adapters are available for Dome, Torx, Square, and Exposed Rectangle lag bolts.

SprintSaw (910203)

The Racine SprintSaw will provide performance by cutting 132 lbs rail in less than 1 1/2 minutes. This is accomplished by utilizing a cog-belt driven design to produce proper 406 mm (16") abrasive wheel speed to optimize rail cutting and lessen the chance of wheel glazing, not available with other hydraulic models.

TraxMaxx Rail Drill - Hydraulic

TraxMaxx Hydraulic Rail Drill (910204)

The TraxMaxx Rail Drill's compact design allows the operator greater flexibility in tighter work areas. No tools necessary to change cutters or rail shoes.